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English Events System

Out of the Box English name refers to a nine dots puzzle from which the idea of thinking outside the box originated. This translates into a philosophy of teaching where the main value and method of action is unconventional thinking and disruption of commonly used methods of education.

Memorizing and practicing vocabulary and drilling grammar rules in the traditional way gives you the basis, but nothing can replace natural language interaction in real situations. And why not learn speaking English and have fun while doing it?

The limits of my language
are the limits of my worldLudwig Wittgenstein


What we offer

In order to speak English you must… start talking! Out of the Box English events are individual or group conversations with a native speaker or an English tutor that are held in the field. Following our unique Out of the Box English Events System, we will talk about things relevant to students and interesting situations we create and find for them. For example we will talk about animals while in a zoo (or on safari!), about nature — in a park, about art — in a gallery, about shopping — in a mall.

Out of the Box English tutors know how to make lessons interesting, and the students willing to engage in conversation. By discussing in English topics that are important and interesting for them, participants will improve grammar, pronunciation, intonation and broaden vocabulary. They overcome their own reluctance to speak and fear of making mistakes, and that is a turning point in communicating in English and acquiring fluency in it.


Man behind the idea

Out of the Box English concept is based on many years of pedagogical experience of its creator — Jordan C. Seidel, American Sociologist and Philosopher.

Jordan is a professional teacher and educator. He has been working for American universities and colleges as an online tutor, supporting students in completing courses in ethics, philosophy, sociology, and critical thinking. He also knows the specificity of Polish students — he works at the Social Sciences Academy in Warsaw and tutors in a language school.

The past is always tense,
the future perfectZadie Smith


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Out of the Box English is addressed to both individual students and to language schools in Poland. Write to us and we will prepare a personalized offer just for you.